Kibsons International LLC

Kibsons International LLC was founded in 1980 in the Emirate of Dubai under the vision and leadership of Hussain Ismail Khatri, the Chairman. In 1997 this was continued by Jamal Hussain, the present Managing Director.

Their entrepreneurial spirit and long term view of the consumer goods industry has created the foundation for market leadership in the fruit, vegetable, meat and poultry sectors. From our establishment over three decades ago, Kibsons International has grown to occupy a pre-eminent position in the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry industry in the UAE.

Kibsons’ unwavering commitment to building lasting relationships with suppliers and customers is why we enjoy a global reputation of integrity and trust with a network of more than 600 suppliers and customers.

Today the Kibsons community is made up of more than 500 employees who share a passion for service and quality. Our operations across our multiple sales points, cold store facilities, meat processing factory and refrigerated distribution fleet are all HACCP certified and supported by state of the art equipment and technology. In fact, more than 150,000 kilos of fresh produce is distributed from our cold stores and production facility every day!






Kibsons is pleased to announce the construction of a new 7,500 pallet cold store on its newly acquired 130,000 sq ft of land in Al Aweer. The new facility which will be equipped with state of art technology and ERP systems and will also achieve the relevant quality standards certifications.


The facility spans over 80,000 sq ft with more than 50,000 sq ft of cold storage rooms. The warehouse is equipped with modern loading and unloading bays with dock shelters to prevent any breakage in the cold chain. Produce therefore remains fresh and optimum quality is maintained during all inbound and outbound processes. It is one of the most modern, sophisticated and state-of-the-art facility in the UAE equipped with racking systems, production equipment and advanced mobile communication technology. This facilitates the optimum use of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that has been developed specifically for Kibsons requirements.


Kibsons’ meat processing factory is one of a kind in the UAE and produces customized processed and portioned meat option for its many customers. Kibsons has consistently achieved a 100 percent health certification and is HACCP approved.

Quality & Safety

The distribution facilities of Kibsons International have been designed and maintained to reflect our organizations commitment to Cold Chain Management. Kibsons is HACCP approved (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) which provides further transparency in our quality. Our operations across our multiple sales points, cold store facilities, meat processing factory and refrigerated distribution fleet are supported by state of the art equipment and technology along with the following accreditation.

At the recent Ajman Food Safety forum 2016, Kibsons International was one of the first 26 companies in Ajman to receive an award for level 5 Food Safety Standards. Also Sandile Ashley, Production Manager at Kibsons International LLC has recently been selected for the first ever Ajman Food Safety Committee.

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 14001 Environment Management
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management
ISO 22000 (including HACCP) Food Safety Management





Kibsons International offers an ever increasing range of quality fruits and vegetables from all continents by air, sea and land. We also provide a wide selection of specialty, pre-packed and ready-to-eat products. "In the increasingly mature fresh produce markets of the GCC, the quality and consistency of service become ever more paramount and we pride ourselves in meeting those demands. We are not simply suppliers and we prefer to position ourselves as partners to our customers, helping them grow their businesses."


Kibsons International offers a wide range of imported and processed meat and poultry products. We offer customised processing contracts to a range of discerning customers such as in-flight caterers, ship chandlers, meat processing companies, bakeries, specialty kitchens, restaurants and hotels. Kibsons is meticulous about good hygiene and our facility is HACCP approved. It is of top priority to ensure that the meat is processed in the most hygienic and temperature controlled environment.


Clients who take advantage of our superior quality and customised service include Emirates Flight Catering, Etihad In-Flight Catering, Nando’s, Tim Horton’s and we are proud to consistently meet their expectations of quality and service.

Social Responsibility

Action Care began in 2008 as a joint venture between representatives from several humanitarian organizations throughout the region with a focus to build capacity and channel resources to regional projects. Action Care UAE conducts educational development programs throughout the UAE and GCC region, particularly in India, Pakistan, Palestine, Kenya, Lebanon & Turkey

"Kibsons’ generous contributions over the past six years has helped to build capacity for Action Care's educational and social projects in the UAE and in the region." Cherryn Kelly, Managing Partner, Action Care



Environmental Responsibility

Yes, we care!

We request customers to kindly return delivery boxes to our drivers on the next order or contact us to arrange a collection anytime.

We use plastic bags that are 100% eco-compatible, manufactured using d2w technology and approved by ECAS.

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