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Cut Green Beans


7.00 / Pack



Fresh Frozen Emborg Cut Beans are grown on carefully selected fields. They are washed, blanched and individually frozen within hours to ensure a high quality and a fresh taste. Benefit from the natural vitamins and fibres that are locked up in every bite. Enjoy them in your salad or with your favorite salad dish.

Frozen Items should be stored at a temperature of minus 18°C or colder.

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CARBOHYDRATES Per 100g 3.5 g
CRUDE FIBER Per 100g 3.1 g
ENERGY Per 100g 28 Kcal
FAT Per 100g 0.1 g
PROTEIN Per 100g 1.8 g
Salts Per 100g 0.8 g
Sodium Per 100g 30 mg
SUGAR Per 100g 0.4 g

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