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Cold Brew Coffee


18.00 / Bottle

Black Label Strong - 200ml

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COLSBREW BLACK LABEL, With a ColsBrew hand-crafted intensity rating of 4 out 5, this single origin Ethiopian, Yirgacheffe Cold Brew is created with an established taster in mind. With its stunning deep clarity, Black Label is precisely brewed for 10 hours, just long enough for the extraction of the flavours to peak. The body is medium to heavy, with a full smooth and velvety finish. A balanced ratio that is deliberately structured to deliver a rich, deep complexity. Tasters should be instantly looking for the berry fruit notes of strawberries that are making their way from behind the baker’s chocolate and caramelized brown sugar. Black Label is sophisticated and strong while beautifully balanced to highlight this World’s renowned specialty coffee origin. Specialty Cold Brew Coffee at its finest 

Best kept in the chiller between 3c-5c

Zero bad stuff, nothing fake - only purified water, locally roasted specialty coffee beans and time! 

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