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6.50 / Pack

Chicken Mousse - 85g

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Webbox knows that cats love to run in the garden, chase other animals and explore the outdoors for as long as possible. Like any active animal, it is important that they eat the right amount of nutrients so they can continue to live a healthy and fulfilled life. We know how much you love your furry friend and how important their health is to you. To prove it, we have specially designed a product that you can feed to your cat every day that has all of the nutrients and vitamins that they need. Complete nutritionally balanced mousse for cats. Flexible mousse with chicken flavour and chicken broth odour.

Unopened, store in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight. Once open, store in the refrigerator and use within 48 hours.

Meat and Animal Derivatives (Chicken 9%), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals

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