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Hearty Ribeye Salad


100.00 / Box

DIY - Serves 4 people

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Green Bean Bundles

Req qty: 1.00/pkt


Beef Ribeye Steaks

Req qty: 1.00/pkt


Red Onions

Req qty: 0.15/kgs


Plum Tomatoes

Req qty: 1.00/pkt



Req qty: 1.00/trays


Baby Potatoes

Req qty: 1.00/bag


Box includes 500g fresh grass fed rib eye steak (origin:N/Z), eggs, red onion, tomatoes, baby potatoes and green beans. A hearty coming together of complementary flavors, this salad is lovely as a hearty lunch on the weekend or a simple midweek dinner. Boil 8 eggs for 6 mins. Cool in iced water, peel then halve. Quarter 300g potatoes and put in a pan of salted simmering water; cover and cook for 20 mins. Add the green beans with 3 mins to go. Drain. Oil and season the steaks on both sides; sear over high heat until done to your liking. Rest half the time they cooked then thinly slice against the grain. Quarter the tomatoes, slice the onion and toss with the potatoes and beans. Served topped with the steak and eggs.

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