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Brown - 15 eggs

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Al Jazira Farm’s “Golden Eggs” are the UAE’s most popular local eggs, best known for their rich golden yolks. All Golden Eggs are produced by hens that are fed on a nutritionally fortified 100% vegetarian feed. Al Jazira Golden egg farm was the first Egg farm in Dubai to: - receive HACCP certified before it was made mandatory. - receive ISO 22000 certified. - receive the Emirates Quality Mark even though it’s not mandatory. - pioneer the development of enriched eggs in the GCC. - receive the award for “Best Egg Farm” by The Public Health Department of Dubai Municipality. Large Golden Eggs are naturally rich in essential vitamins and proteins.

4 - 10 Degree Nutritional Facts 60 gms + Nutritional Values Omega 3 30 – 35 mg Omega 6 700-800 mg DHA 0 – 10 mg Cholestrol 220 – 250 mg Vitamin E 0.5 TO 0.8 mg Selenium NA Saturated Fatty Acid 2.2 – 2.5 gram

Brown Large Eggs

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