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Tempura Flour


10.50 / Pack

500 g

Vegan produce
This is a well- quality multifunctional directly self-raising batter, can be used for all meats, fish and vegetables make. There are many lovers of the crisp, delicate food and with the addition of a side dip and eaten with chopsticks it gives the whole atmosphere of Asian cooking. Eaten with rice or on its own, tempura-battered food is very tasty due to the crunchiness.

Store in cool and dry place

Wheat Flour 88% Baking Powder 3% (Sodium bicarbonate (E 500) +tapioca starch + Sodium acid pyrophosphate (E450)) Tapioca Starch 4% Modified Starch 3% (Tapioca starch) (E 1412), Others 2% (Salt, MSG (E 621))

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