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Spicy Mix Lettuce


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Uns farms is the largest vertical farm in the UAE, pioneering the first commercial scale indoor farm in the region. Our year-round consistent harvests at scale, coupled with our local presence allows us to maintain the product quality at its peak and preserves the plants nutritional value to levels not achievable by imports. The products are pesticide and herbicide free, harvested within 24 hours of your consumption, and are grown sustainably. The Uns mixes are carefully curated salad blends that consist of sweet and juicy lettuce and spicy mustards. Each leaf is a note in the symphony of taste, offering vibrant colors, shapes, textures and flavors within a neat 100g box.  Using a wide range of mainly mustard varieties. Offering interesting tastes, textures, shapes and colors to your dishes. The Uns spicy mix can give any salad, sandwich, soup or sauce that extra kick in heat that spice lovers will adore. Our produce is grown with precision and care, guaranteeing to have zero pesticides or herbicides. Ensuring the best quality and taste possible, while being as sustainable as possible. 

The Salad is washed, packed and handled delicately ensuring the freshness of leaves sustain longer, but we still recommend customer to wash again before use.

Keep refrigerated at a temperature below 8 degrees celcius and Consume before expiry Date.

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