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Chocolate Coconut Milk


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Koko Dairy Free Chocolate + Calcium is a delicious, refreshing, drink for all lovers of chocolate milk looking for a healthier option. Serve hot or cold for a rewardingly rich chocolate flavour with less than 2% fat and 0% cholesterol. Koko Dairy Free Chocolate is fortified with calcium and Vitamins D2 and B12 and is free of lactose, dairy protein, soya or gluten.

Filtered water, Coconut milk (6.5%), Sugar, Maltodextrin, , Calcium phosphate, Emulsifier: Sucrose ester, Sea salt, Cocoa powder (1.2%), Thickener: Guar Gum, Natural flavourings, Vitamins: D2, B12

Description Per 100g/ml Per Serving Measure % NRVper Serving
CALCIUM (Ca) 120 mg
CARBOHYDRATES Per 100ml 11 g
ENERGY Per 100ml 254 KJ / 61Kcal
FAT per 100ml 1.9 g
PROTEIN Per 100ml 0.6 g
SATURATED FAT Per 100ml 1.6 g
Sodium Per 100ml 0.06 g
Vitamin D2 Per 100ml 0.75 ug

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