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GingerOrganic is a range of organic sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons for those who take a stance to look after their body while seeking a lifestyle that’s as allergy-friendly and eco-friendly as possible. All products carry labels including the international AllergyCertified label and are made from the purest organic cotton. When you go for organic deep inside, you can prevent allergies, because pure organic cotton is far more gentle than conventional and often synthetic sanitary products. At the same time, organic cotton sanitary products can alleviate uncomfortable heat, reddening and irritation.                                                                                      

All GingerOrganic products are also certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as well as the ECOCERT and GOTS organic labels. The organic cotton in the GingerOrganic products is cultivated without the use of pesticides and artificial fertiliser and is GMO-free – so, as well as protecting you, GingerOrganic also protects the groundwater, the soil, and the farmers who work in the cotton fields. The film on our products is biofilm produced using corn starch polymers, which makes the products biodegradable.

Ginger Organic sanitary napkins with wings, designed for the day. The binder is 100% biodegradable, also the wrapper itself. The tope layer is made of 100% certified organic cotton. The protective core is made of 100% certified organic cotton, which ensures users against leaking and allows the skin to breathe freely. Because the products are not of synthetic material but of the finest organic cotton, the products relieve heat, redness and irritation. The wrapper is made of corn starch and is converted by the steam incinerator.


Topsheet: 100% certified organic cotton
Absorbent core made from 100% certified organic cotton
Protective baking made from Biopolymer (Biofoil) extracted from maize starch
With wings for your comfort and protection
Ultrathin and individually wrapped Biofoil

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