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Maternity - 10 pads

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Ginger Organic post-natal foundation pads are certified organic foundations for intimate hygiene for women after childbirth. Their uniqueness and uniqueness lies in the fact that they are made of the purest on our planet, certified, organic cotton – without any chemicals, chlorine, dioxins, pesticides, GMOs, without highly allergenic fragrances and dyes. The foundation is very absorbent and at the same time soft and delicate for sensitive areas of intimate women right after the birth of a child. In contrast, natural cotton allows the skin to breathe freely. The product is not bleached with chlorine, it is bleached with hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). It is a completely safe bleaching process. Caring that this very sensitive part of the female body is in contact with the best quality and the purest cotton, without the risk of sensitization and irritation. GingerOrganic products have up to five certificates, which guarantee that they are made of 100% organic cotton, are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


  • Skin friendly maternity pads made with certified 100% organic cotton top layer and absorbent core
  • Very absorbent, soft and fluffy for the sensitive vaginal area right after child birth
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Free from chemicals, plastic and wood pulp (cellulose)
  • Length of pads: 33 cm


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