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Full Fat Yogurt


1.00 / Tub

Plain - 170g


Al Ain Yoghurt are available for regular consumption, appealing to you taste and satisfying your health. Fresh yoghurt that is nutritious and healthy, a sheer indulgence in every bite. This group includes Full Cream Yoghurt and Low Fat Yoghurt. This Yoghurt contains the active beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®) is the world’s best-documented probiotic strain. AL Ain Farms Yogurt Low Fat and Full Cream are unique because it is the only products on the Middle East who containing the LGG. LGG® strain produces an organic compound called diacetyl which is related to creamy and buttery flavor, So, Yoghurt with LGG® will have higher creamy flavor than yoghurt without LGG® . Therefore, if taken daily helps maintain a favorable balance of bacteria in the digestive system, support immune system and gastrointestinal health. LGG® is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S. Regular consumption of LGG® is scientifically documented to offer the following benefits: • Helps maintain a healthy digestive system. • Helps re-establish good bacteria after antibiotic treatment. • Protects intestines from harmful bacteria. • Reduce the severity and duration of stomach upsets. • Helps support a normal, healthy immune system.

Keep refrigerated (0-4⁰C)

Fresh Full Cream Cow's Milk, Milk Solids, Live Yoghurt Culture, Stabilizers (E440,E471,E339), Vitamin A and D3, Minimum Fat 3%, Minimum Solids Not Fat 11%.